Contributed text for 3331 GALLERY #044 Miya Kaneko Solo Exhibition “Undiscovered Asteroids Observatory”

Contributed text for 3331 GALLERY #044 Miya Kaneko Solo Exhibition “Undiscovered Asteroids Observatory”

  • AUTHOR:中村寛








Miya Kaneko grapples with maps. This is the impression I got a while ago. At the time, she had engraved names of locations on a big aluminum plate, confronting the issues surrounding cities and memories that lay behind maps (“Wishing for a City through a Map” “The City Within”, 2015.) Some things are difficult to put on a map. Like sounds and smells, and individual memories. Kaneko resisted this oblivion, and it looked to me, as if she were screaming to try and build a new map. After that, Kaneko’s artworks developed even further. Encountering the maps of memories shared with her by others, she began to no longer comprehend cities. However, in learning and taking apart “what she knew”, she leapt gracefully, weaving together her expressions, as if tossing away the map altogether (“Please Imagine a Non-Visible City” 2018, and other works.) I am envious of Kaneko, who brings to life unseen maps, having learned how to play with and get sucked into the voices she encounters.

-Yutaka Nakamura

Anthropologist/Designer. Professor at Liberal Arts Center/Graduate School, Tama Art University